Thursday, March 19, 2009

Animal Oscars and the Battle of the Mammae!

For the February 25th show, I awarded Oscars to the best actors and actresses in the animal kingdom. Among the winners were female gorillas for their strategies in tricking males into thinking they're the baby-daddy. The superb lyre bird was awarded best actor for his ability to mimic sounds, both natural and unnatural. We also heard about some of the animals in the world that blow Octamom's birthing abilities out of the water! Go tailess tenrec and naked mole rats!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Learning to fly

'Nature You Should Know' is off the ground and flying, although it is more like a fledgling songbird than a soaring turkey vulture just yet! I've had a lot of fun getting the show organized each week, but I've also realized that it is more work than I expected. So the blog has suffered from lack of posts, but that should be changing soon! I can fly for short distances now... at least far enough to escape predation.

Podcasts of the past few shows are available through mediafire. Here's the special on Darwin, who celebrated his 200th birthday on February 12th. And here's the show from February 18th, which featured the topics: acute mountain lion denial syndrome in Arkansas, a super long snake discovered in the tropics, and cloacal breathing in bog turtles!

More to come soon! Listen tonight from 6-8pm on