Wednesday, April 21, 2010

For bats, fungi is not such a fun-guy

Caves all over Arkansas, and indeed much of the eastern U.S., are closing to human traffic. Before you spelunkers get too angry, know that it is for a good cause, i.e. preventing the spread of White-Nose Syndrome. For the April 14th show, we talked about this fungal infection that has contributed to the death of millions of bats in the eastern U.S. - including some of our endangered species like the Indiana Bat and Gray Bat. (Pictured left is a bat affected by the fungus, which covers its muzzle.) For more information on this epidemic, visit the informational pages hosted  USGS National Wildlife Health Center and US Fish and Wildlife Service.

The show was cut short by a Lady Razorbacks broadcast, but if I WAS to cover the news, this is what I would have featured...
    Musical artists included Joanna Newsom, Mogwai, Tony Trischka, Fruit Bats, American Analog, Set, Blockhead, and Nick Cave.

    Phenology - it's all in the timing

    'Tis a season of change, so for the April 7th show we talked about phenology, which is the study of cyclic and seasonal natural phenomena, especially in relation to climate and plant and animal life. In light of our shifting climate, the timing of natural events seems more important now than ever. We listened to some podcasts concerning phenology, including a Southern Appalachian Creature Feature podcast and a clip from Nature Stories about a bilingual sparrow.

    As for the news...

    For the sound quiz, we heard from some of our migratory bird friends including the Black-and-white Warbler (pictured right), Tennessee Warbler, Nashville Warbler,  Northern Parula, and Black-throated Green Warbler.

    Music featured included Nick Drake, Crosby Stills and Nash, Miles Davis, Nirvana, LCD Soundsystem, A Hawk and a Hacksaw, Josh Rouse, Jose Gonzalez, Talk Talk, Ryan Adams, and more...

    Friday, April 2, 2010

    Patchy Distribution

    Oh the humanity! The time slot for Nature You Should Know has been taken over by UA Razorback sports for the rest of the semester. I'm trying my darndest to squeeze out an hour on some of the upcoming Wednesdays; and there is a possibility I can grab some Friday Night Feature Show slots for NYSK.

    Until then, who knows when the show will broadcast. Good thing for podcasts because that way if you miss it, you can always catch up!