Monday, July 12, 2010

Expedition Catalog - what new specimens shall we discover?

For the July 7th show (click here for podcast), I strapped on my gear and went exploring deep into the KXUA catalog to find some new-to-me music that was somehow linked to nature - whether it be in a name, in a theme, whatever. I had some interesting finds, including artists such as Papercranes, Wilderness, I See Hawks in L.A., The Bamboos, The Weather Machines, and more! Give a listen to the show to discover this music along with me.

In the news...
For the sound quiz, we heard from some of the "singing" insects whose sounds fill the still, humid air of summer. Visit for all about how a handsome meadow katydid (pictured right) doesn't actually sing, but instead produces sound through stridulation.

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