Friday, February 4, 2011

Gross anatomy

The dissection of human beings has been important in our understanding of how our bodies work; however, it has not always been an approved practice. These days, many universities and medical schools are leaning towards using models and computer simulations to teach students anatomy. Check out the January 26th show (download podcast here) to learn more about human dissection.

In the news...

Music featured included Monty Python, My Morning Jacket, John Coltrane, more!

Since it was also the 2nd birthday of NYSK, we celebrated by listening to birthday-related tunes by Concrete Blonde, Stevie Wonder, and The Bird and the Bee. Thanks for your support throughout the past two years! The show will sadly come to an end this summer when I graduate and leave KXUA. Let's make sure the next six months are a blast!

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