Friday, April 15, 2011

Move on out!

And we're back! After a month break, NYSK returned with the April 13th show, which featured animal migration (download podcast here). Migration is more than just traveling to new destination; it also requires a return to the original location. Scientists believe that many animals migrate in order to follow resources and reduce competition, particularly during the breeding season when parents need food and shelter for their offspring. Depending on the species, different animals use various tools to get from A to B. Such tools include magnetic cues, a star compass, and physical landmarks. For more information on animal migration, listen to the podcast!

The news in nature had some wild stories:

For the sound quiz, we heard from some migratory birds that make their way through Arkansas about this time of year. They included the Veery, Blackburnian Warbler (pictured right), and Tennessee Warbler.

Some great music was also featured, with tracks from the likes of Robert Johnson, Neko Case, The Breeders, Islands, and more!

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